Stronghold 2

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Course Time from 9:00am - 3:00pm

The Stronghold 2 course goes more in depth into single man and 2-man room clearing techniques and advanced force on force scenarios. Students will also implement medical intervention into scenarios, as well as, learn to fight in and around a vehicle. You MUST have taken Stronghold 1 or have a basic grasp of room clearing in order to attend; proficieny with your weapons system is required. Students will utilize our T4E Sim Guns (paint or chalk rounds) and fight pads to enage in scenario-based training. All classes begin with safety briefings and a detailed presentation of the aforementioned training material. *see attached waivers*


Our course utilizes the T4E Walther PPQ M2 training pistols. We use either paint or chalk "rounds." The rounds can be painful when they impact (like playing paintball). Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided for students engaged in active training, however, it is recommended that (if weather permits) you wear long sleeves or a hoodie, gloves, a hat, etc. (preferably things you don't mind getting dirty or ruined as there is a possibility of clothing being torn or damaged during training). You can also bring your own paintball masks/ballistic goggles if you'd like, as long as they are approved by staff. Waivers covering the entirety of the course will be provided for students before training. Please reach out to us if you would like a copy ahead of time. 


*This class is "SHINE" only, we will reschedule if it rains. We also reserve the right to cancel or postpone if we have less than 6 attendees (we can switch your small group over to a private training course instead). By purchasing a slot you understand that weather or atendee count can change your course date.*


DUE TO COVID, If you do not have your own full face paintball mask, you must either purchase your own, or select the option of us to purchase it for you (you may take it home with you and keep it). You will not be allowed to share a mask with anyone who is not your immediate cohabiting family member. If you do not bring a mask or opt to have one purchased for you you will not be allowed to take the course. If you need us to provide you one you must place your slot order NLT ONE WEEK FROM CLASS, no exceptions. 


If you have any questions please DM us on Instagram @DefconDelta, or email us at The forms, waivers, and realease of liability documents attached to this course or any other are the property of Defcon Delta Tactical, LLC. You may download and print at your leisure, but any authorized distribution, copying, or explotation of these forms is forbidden.




As an Independence Fund Affiliated Training Site, Defcon Delta offers 2 free Stronghold course slots to Permenantly Disabled Veterans. To claim your free slot, email us at or call Nick @ 704-750-5452 *First come first serve basis, only courses with this caption have offer availble, number of slots are subject to change* You must show Veteran Benefit Letter stating permenant or total disability rating via email or on site in order to get approval.