Defcon Delta has expanded its scope of practice to include security contracting and executive protection!

Defcon Delta works alongside partner organization, Caim Group, to provide security solutions to a host of clients.


Defcon Delta's role in this endeavor is to provide specially trained personnel to accomplish the needs of given contract and ensure operational success.


If you would like to learn more about the services Caim can provide you or your organization, please reach out to us! 

Defcon Delta's specializes in high threat risk mitigation and protection, utilizing special tactics and gear. Our current mission set has us engaged in maritime operations. If you have an interest in working in the contracting field, specifically as a maritime operator, please reach out to us via our contact page - provided you meet the requirements - inlcude a copy of your DD-214 if prior service. Thank you!


• 25 years or older

• Honorable Discharge

• Combat Arms MOS w/combat experience OR service in Ranger Bat., Special Forces, SEALs, PJ, Force Recon, etc - supplemented only by overseas private security experience

• Hold a passport (or able to get one)

• Protective Security experience preferred

• CQB proficiency preferred & ability to train regularly with the team (in NC)

• Ability to qualify with variety of firearms

• Able to pass strenuous fitness test

• Able to obtain all applicable licenses

• Able to travel overseas to areas considered dangerous or hazardous